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Youngman Coach takes part in the 58th UITP Expo, which is held in Vienna in 8-11 June. This is the largest Auto Expo in Europe, the enterprises take part in the Expo are: MAN, VOLVO, SCANIA, MERCEDES BENZ, VANHOOL (a medium, low-end coach manufacture in Germany), TEMSA (Turkey Coach Manufacturer), IRIS (Irizar in Spain), Solaris (Poland Coach Manufacturer) and so on, other participants are parts&components manufacturers, rail, light rail, public transport system consultation and other enterprises related to public transport system.

"Bullet" bus delivered to Urumqi

January 6, in front of the factory gate of China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd. neatly parked five “Youngman” white luxury buses. These are one batch among the 45 Ring Road Quick Buses purchased by Urumqi City of Xinjiang Province. The rest will also soon be delivered in batches successively.

Most eye-catching part of these 12 m long white buses is the beveled shape of their front faces. The front end of the bus was designed in bullet shape with notable curvature. Correspondingly the windshield is of sloping design which can greatly reduce air drag, satisfactorily maintaining the bus inertia. The bright and spacious interior of the bus is equipped with 40 passenger seats and a drivers seat, each seat equipped with safety belt. UV blocking glass was mounted to the bus, along with a window glass blasting device, which can be triggered by the driver with a push of the button in case of an emergency so that the passengers can quickly escape. A partition door is equipped for the driver’s cab to provide the driver with a good driving environment as well as guarantee driving safety.

Compared to the currently most advanced BRT city buses, the advantages of the “Youngman” quick buses include not only superior environmental performance due to the equipment of the gas engine in compliance with China V on exhaust emissions, but that a level meter is built-in in the transmission control module of the bus, enabling automatic gear shifting according to road slopes. The driver’s operations are very simple: just start, and park.

It is understood that the bus has been developed by Youngman in cooperation with a German company. The first batch of finished products of the first model in China has been delivered to Urumqi for first running.



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