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Youngman Coach takes part in the 58th UITP Expo, which is held in Vienna in 8-11 June. This is the largest Auto Expo in Europe, the enterprises take part in the Expo are: MAN, VOLVO, SCANIA, MERCEDES BENZ, VANHOOL (a medium, low-end coach manufacture in Germany), TEMSA (Turkey Coach Manufacturer), IRIS (Irizar in Spain), Solaris (Poland Coach Manufacturer) and so on, other participants are parts&components manufacturers, rail, light rail, public transport system consultation and other enterprises related to public transport system.

Anticorrosion QC Team Titled as National Quality Trustworthy Team

On December 16, Jinhua Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd.(the Company) stood out of all industries (such as automotive, telecommunication, machinery, chemicals, construction, petroleum and others)throughout China after several considerations and won the 2013 Certificate of Honor and Silk Banner for Quality Management jointly awarded by China Association for Quality, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, China Association for Science and Technology and All-China Women’s Federation, and furthermore its Anticorrosion QC Team was officially honored as the National Quality Trustworthy Team.

 In 2013, Anticorrosion QC Team has launched public quality control activities in response to a call of the Company. In these activities, the team members combined efforts to investigate and research for self-improvement. They encourage mutually when encountering difficulties and improve in co-works to open up and continue the technological development and innovation. Currently, the team consists of 1 engineer, 5 technicians and 4 senior workers. In 2013, they made outstanding achievements in quality control and 78 researches have passed the audit of related departments and given notices to consolidate technology and process. Moreover, they made tremendous achievements in technological innovation, cost saving, quality improvement and productivity increase, etc. In July, the team was awarded the First Prize for research publication at the Commendation of Public Quality Control Team Activities in the National Machinery Industry as well as at the Commendation of Public Quality Control Team Activities in Zhejiang Provincial Machinery Industry and served as a solid foundation for the Company to win such honors as “Outstanding Quality Control Enterprise of Zhejiang Province” and “National Excellent Quality Control.




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