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Monocoque Technology:
Youngman introduced the monocoque structure developed by Neoplan in Germany which enhances vehicle safety. The use of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to model the stress distribution enables the designer to optimise the structure making the major assemblies lighter and reducing fuel consumption.
Independent Front Axle Suspension System:
Youngman also introduced the world patented independent front axle suspension sy-stem from Neoplan to ensure a smooth comfortable ride combined with improved re-liability.
A-shape Rear Axle Suspension System:
Finally Youngman also introduced the Neoplan A-shaped rear axle suspension syst-em also to improve ride comfort and reliability along with enhanced loading capability and improved drive efficiency.
Cooperated with the biggest Beijing Public Transportation company and Hongkong KMB. On the basis of German Neoplan technology, Forming the perfect Youngman City Bus technology platform by optimized the design.
The humanization design: Adopts low-floor/low-entrance structure to convenient the passengers getting on or off; adopts large aisle and multi-doors design to convenient the passenger moving inside the bus; many access holes to convenient maintance.
Adopts European technology and technique reflects in the vehicle anti-corrosion, gas, pipeline, electrical connectors, sealing technology and so on of the body. All those ab-ove mentioned can lower the failure rate, increase the reliability and reduce the noise.



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